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Economic growth stutters before the impact of Omicron.

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The number of people eating out in restaurants has decreased. And reductions in oil and gas consumption led to an unexpected drop in growth.Growth halted before the emergence of the Omicron variant.

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One economist said Such numbers show that "Steam has gone very well and truly in the UK's economic recovery.Maike Currie, Director of Investments at Fidelity International warned that October could be "The economy is closest to normal until 2022"

Supply Chain Problems labor shortage and rising inflation This resulted in lower growth in October,Ms Currie added there was a "creeping feeling like déjà vu" about the impact the coronavirus had on the economy. The government has introduced some restrictions on the coronavirus to limit the spread of the new variant.

Workers are heading back to the kitchen tables and the big season where the retail and hospitality sectors are hopeful – while it kicks off at its peak during Black Friday – may not shine as much as hoped.The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the economy was still 0.5% below pre-epidemic levels,

but added that the service sector had returned to pre-epidemic levels.That has driven the growth of GP face-to-face engagements. and an increase in employees working in cleaning, building and security jobs. Arts and entertainment services are also on the rise as movie theaters return to full service.

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