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The origin of the ringtone "everyone knows" on the iPhone

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The fact that each phone company has a fixed ringtone helps you to recognize their brand within "one note". There are many popular ringtones such as Nokia's "legendary" tune or iPhone's Marimba. Although we can now easily set our favorite songs as ringtones, if we go back to the time of the first phones, many amazing studies on how people perceive sound have been made. implemented to create attractive and user-friendly default ringtones. And the iPhone's unmistakable ringtone has also been carefully and meticulously invested. Join Nguyen Kim to learn more about the birth of Marimba - the default ringtone on the first iPhone!

Here is a website that downloads ringtones that many people often use:

First of all, the introduction of ringtones is intended to attract and create interest for phone users and lead to the next act of answering the phone. In order to create the most perfect ringtone, researchers at Bell Laboratories have done many studies which show that an ideal ringtone should have a sound range from 2 KHz to 4 KHz, and at the same time have a loudness. increments of about 96 dB at intervals of 3 to 5 seconds per ring.

According to Forbes, Apple applied these basic principles to the first ringtone on the iPhone . It is said that Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not like Nokia's default tone, so he asked for a more perfect ringtone for his phone. And Steve Jobs was faced with two choices: either sign a contract with a reputable record label for a perfect ringtone, or release an iPhone with many different ringtone tones. And that's how the 25-style ringtone set was on the first iPhone.

You may not know, the "father" for the first 25 ringtones (including Marimba) is Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, an audio specialist with a key role in Apple's high-quality audio related software. And Marimba is the ringtone that perfectly meets all the principles from Bell Laboratories' research, so it is understandable that it was chosen as the default ringtone on iPhone.

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