ODBC Data Source Configuration

The MSSQL data source should be configured:

  • Go to the Control Panel under Administrative Tools / Data Sources (ODBC). In the System DSN tab
  • Click Add, select SQL Native Client from the list, and, then, click Finish.
  • On a first page: specify name of data source and select appropriate database engine from the list. Click Next.
  • On a second page: select With Integrated Windows Authentication and click Next
  • On a third page: leave default settings and click Next
  • On a forth page: again leave default settings and click finish.

ZEUS should be set to use configured data source:

  • Go to the directory where the ZEUS is installed. Normally, it is C:\Program Files\ZEUS (C:\Programme\ZEUS if the German version of Windows is installed)
  • Go to the subdirectory called db.lib and double-click on file named db.udl. The ODBC connection dialog will be opened.
  • Under Connection tab:
    • Check 'Use data source name' and select appropriate ODBC data source.
    • Leave user and password information blank
    • Select any initial catalog from the list
    • Test connection and click OK

Creating ZEUS Database

  • Start ZEUS Configurator
  • Click Configure Databases
  • Click Create new ZEUS Database, give a database name, and click OK
  • If program have not reported any errors the database is created successful and the default password is set to zeus
  • Now go back to the db.udl (from previous step) and under Enter the initial catalog to use select newly created database.
  • Click OK

Configuring Data Sources, Alarms, and Logging Groups

  • Just use ZEUS Configurator to accomplish this task
  • Try consulting [downloader:4 documentation]. It is a little bit outdated, but most of the things are still valid.
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