• You should configure MySQL ODBC access in "Control Panel/Administrative? Tools/Data? Sources/System? DSN".
  • Since a Zeus database not exiting yet, the some dummy database should be selected during previous step. And this database should be existent.
  • The db.lib/db.udl file under the Zeus directory if the binary is used and LabVIEW directory if the sources are used should be configured to that data source.
  • Using "Zeus Configurator" the Zeus Database should be created.
    • Open "Datenbankverwaltung"
    • Select Neue ZEUS Datenbank
    • Input the name. The Zeus Configurator will create a new database within MySQL with specified name. Important thing, this database should not exist before (Because of that we have configured at previous step the dummy database and not a real one).
  • Now the ODBC source should be altered to use newly created database instead of dummy one.
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