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Vietnamese shoe size

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The shoe size chart is a table that converts the foot size parameters corresponding to the shoe size to choose the most suitable shoes. will facilitate the buyer to get the most suitable pair of shoes when shopping online without spending much time. The following article by Thuybich will tell you how to measure your foot size, how to convert Vietnamese shoe size and synthesize the most accurate US and Vietnamese shoe size tables to help you comfortably choose your favorite shoes.


It would be too easy when you go to the store to buy shoes, but buying shoes online is a different story. Choosing the right pair of shoes among countless shoe models nowadays takes a lot of time. So if you don't know the foot size and don't know how to choose the size, it may have to "store in the closet" for a long time. So immediately save this foot measurement to know how to determine the best Vietnamese shoe size.


First, you need to prepare 1 sheet of paper, 1 pencil, 1 ruler and remember that the paper must be bigger than your foot. Then proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Place your foot on the prepared paper so that the edge of the paper and the heel are both touching the edge of the wall.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw the foot so that it is most accurate. Mark the longest point of the toe. You should straighten your back and ask someone else to mark for you.

Note, if your foot size is long and short, you should measure the longer side.

Step 3: Use a ruler from the longest point of your toe to your heel to measure the length. To know how to choose the best shoe size, besides measuring the length, you also need to measure the width of your feet. Use a ruler to choose the position of the instep where the width of the foot is longest (where the widest part of the foot is, you take that). Then take the measurement, during the measurement pay attention to keep the body in a sitting or standing position with two legs straight.

Take the recorded data to compare with the US, UK and Vietnam standard men's shoe size conversion table below to choose for yourself a pair of shoes that fit and like the best. Because the Vietnamese market for shoes comes from many international and famous shoe brands, eur sizes and strange sizes are very many, so please refer to them carefully.

Some notes to get the standard size:

It is best to measure your shoe size at the end of the day because your feet are completely relaxed at this time

You should measure both feet, if there is an error between your feet, choose shoes that are the same size or larger than your feet.

If your feet are fat, thick and wide, add 1 size. For example, the shoe size is already calculated as 36 but the foot is wide, fat and full, then take size 37.


UK size: used a lot in the UK

Calculate based on foot size with the formula:

Size UK = (3 x foot length) – 23 (length in inches)

US size (US shoe size): used in the Americas, especially the US and Canada

Men's Size US (3 x foot length) – 22 (length in inches)

This is the calculation for men's shoes, and for women's shoe sizes, it will be calculated according to the following formula:

Women's Size US ≈ (3 x foot length) – 20.5 (length in inches)

EU size: common in most European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. It is also used in the Middle East. European shoe size is calculated in units of Paris point (1 Paris point = 2/3cm). Specifically, you will apply the calculation according to the following formula:

EU shoe size = 3/2 x (foot length + 1.5) (length in cm)

Size CM (centimeter size vn) is commonly used to change shoe sizes in Korea and Vietnam, East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, etc.

Size CM = foot length + 1.5 (length in cm)

So we have gone through the guide on how to measure standard men's and women's shoes, in Vietnam so that you can choose, how to change shoe size to Vietnam. What shoe size does Vietnam use? Please refer to below about uk size, us size vn, international size for men.



– Based on the table above, people can apply to choose the usual female high heels. But if it is a shoe with a pointed toe design, it is best to take eu shoe size and Vietnam size 1 size larger to reduce the loss of the toe so it won't hurt your feet when moving.



2.1 Men's Nike Shoe Size

2.2 Zara Men's and Women's Shoe Table

2.3 Converse shoe size chart for women and men

2.4 Vans . shoe size

The latest updated size chart 2021 helps you to choose the most accurate shoe size down to each millimeter.

2.5 Size Bits

2.6 Size Puma Men and Women

2.7 Crocs size chart for men and women

2.8 Fila shoe size

2.9 Adidas shoe size conversion table

2.10 Balenciaga shoe size

This is a shoe company with bold and new sneakers, suitable for both men and women, young people who love unique and innovative styles.

2.11 Size Domba

– Domba shoes originate from Korea, so its shoe size is also according to Asian size standards, you can choose according to the following Korean size which is commonly used in Vietnam.

2.12 Size Mcqueen

2.13 Size MLB

2.14 Size Reebok

2.15 Size Gucci

2.16 Size Mizuno

2.17 Size Jordan

2.18 Football size

2.19 Size Yeezy

– The Yeezy 350 size chart is considered the standard size chart for Yeezy products on the market.

2.20 Size Asics

In addition to measuring shoe size, the topic of choosing Guangzhou shoe sizes, Chinese shoe size tables to Vietnam, American shoes to Vietnam, famous brands are very interested. You can refer to the process of ordering Chinese shoes to Vietnam, Chinese goods through other articles of the shop. Or you can refer to suitable shoes at Vietnamese shoe stores. Our Vietnamese stores always support you how to convert Vietnamese size to uk, us. You wear European or Uk Vietnamese shoe form. Go to Vietnamese shoe stores to know what size you wear and your men's shoe size.


3.1 Size of Vietnamese children's shoes

3.2 International children's shoe size chart


Where to see shoe size?

-Below the heel of the shoe

-Under the sole of the shoe

-The inside of the reed

How to fix when buying shoes that are too wide or too tight

It will be difficult to avoid cases where you buy shoes that are wide or a little tight compared to your feet. Below will be the fastest and most convenient fix for you:

– Wear thick socks: fix wide shoes.

Use lots of insoles. In addition to "cheat" height, the use of shoe insoles is to fill your feet up higher and fit better.

– Replace the lining with thinner, wear thinner socks, or in the folk way, wear shoes and wash them regularly to help shoes expand: fix tight shoes.

If you are still wondering how to calculate shoe size, choose, and size for men's shoes, the best way is to buy directly at the store, both to be able to easily verify product quality as well as get advice from staff to choose the most suitable size.

Hope the sharing and notes when choosing the last shoe size will be useful to you. Help you choose the most comfortable and suitable shoe size.

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