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How do you convert YouTube to MP4 online and get your college degree faster

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Many have asked me questions regarding the legality of downloading Youtube videos is legal and safe. I've been keeping track of the latest developments in online mp3 converters. Some are now being investigated and brought to court. Here, however, I will share my own personal experience. While I don’t encourage anyone to make the same mistake as me, I see no harm. I find it beneficial to “DVR-ing” videos off Youtube and watching them later.

I have the advantage. I am the beneficiary. Bachelors degree was completed in just three years, mostly online. I also held two full-time jobs in order to support my family. I am not talking about the awe-inspiring feat of Devry or any other highly advertised online school. I went to my local college. They didn't have any special programs or services. I paid the same as all the other students and received assistance from the state in similarly.

My work consisted of being seated and walking around the building to check for safety. You are correct. It was a glorified security guard job. I was left with plenty of time, which is why I began bringing books and other reading materials to work. The funny thing is that the online schools are open 24 hours a day, and I could work on my assignments and send the work to my instructor at 3 am in the morning. Then I realized that the majority of the lectures were hosted online on Youtube and Vimeo and were hidden behind specific titles that didn't require anyone to visit, but only users with access URLs knew the content.

And so I started copying those videos to my laptop before heading to work. Internet was slow at times, cause of the remote location of work sites, and so for me to be able to study properly I had to have whole video on my laptop before I had free time at work. Otherwise, a couple of these sessions would be ruined due to block of work when internet went away or did not show up.. And that's where free online Youtube to mp4 converter came in handy. To convert Youtube video URLs into my laptop's memory clipboard I needed copy the URL, and then click the submit button. The site would then display numerous download options. Very neat, sorted according to size and audio by itself. I could then convert Youtube videos to MP3 files or proceed to Mp4 converter with additional formats for downloading videos in mp4 format.

I was able to utilize my free time to study by keeping the lectures via my laptop. As a result, I finished my Bachelor in IT 2 semesters ahead of all the other students. I'm hoping my next position gives me the opportunity to continue to learn. It's very rewarding.

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