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Electrodes are devices that provide a connection between different types of metals, and the process of connection is called welding. We have German and Russian electricians at great prices with a 2-year warranty and fast delivery. More about welding: Atomic-molecular bonds are formed between the welded parts, ensuring continuity of the structure in the area of ​​the weld. Energy is required to make the connection between the welded parts. There is no one power plant that is suitable for everything - so you need to consider all the basic processes and consider their capabilities and benefits.

Welding processes

The most used welding processes are welding in inert shielding gas medium with dense fusible electrode wire (briefly LAG welding), electric arc welding in inert gas with non-fusible electrode (short TIG welding) and welding with coated electrodes (short RED).

Each of the processes has its advantages and limitations and is more suitable for certain applications.

There is no universal generator that can be used for all types of welding.

Electric arc welding is the most common method for non-detachable joining of metal parts in various structures, for the restoration of broken or worn parts. Manual arc welding is a process in which the source of heat is the electric arc between the electrode and the welded parts. This process has been used for many years and is one of the most popular, especially for hobbies and homework. Inverter power, German and Russian power prices

The process is particularly effective for welding most alloys and joints and can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

This is also the cheapest method of welding. With it you can make a strong connection even between rusty and dirty metals.

Welding machines and inverter power tools - why are they preferred? Prices?

Compared to conventional welding machines, inverter welding machines stand out with many advantages. They use more advanced operating technology that replaces standard rectifiers in traditional devices. The inverter is an electronic voltage regulation system. The inverter works by increasing the frequency of the primary power supply. This is done through the use of electronic switches that turn the power on and off extremely quickly. In this way the size of the transformer can be significantly reduced.

Inverter power plants are small and portable. Easy to control - you can change the input voltage and amperage. This makes them suitable for home, amateur use. Economical and efficient - the inverter power lines we offer can work with low input voltage. This saves a lot of energy. Some models are able to perform different types of welding, which makes them more efficient. All models of electric mains that we offer are less susceptible to changes and fluctuations in the supply voltage, which provides a secure and stable output voltage.

German or Russian inverter power to choose?

In the catalog of our electricians you will find Russian and German ones, with proven quality of work and affordable prices. We have selected German and Russian electrician manufacturers to best meet your demand. Whatever choice you make, in return for your investment you will receive:

Excellent welding characteristics

They allow the use of all types of electrodes (rutile standard, stainless, cast iron and steel) with a diameter of 1 mm to 5 mm (some models work with 6 mm).

Built-in functions: HOT START - for easy ignition of the welding arc.

ANTISTICK - against electrode sticking.

ARC FORCE - to stabilize the arc during welding.

Surge protection.

Electrodes are extremely light, compact in size.

Value for money that exceeds your expectations.

Inverter power plants are designed

for repair and service activities. Due to their small size, weight and wide range of welds, they process almost all types of metal and are also convenient for assembly welds. They are used both in everyday life and in professional work. Low energy consumption allows you to use welding in high-rise buildings, apartments, houses and villas. The small amount of investment you will make is not at the expense of the quality you will receive.

German and Russian electricians at great prices.

You will find this with us. And more …

Protective equipment,

which are used when working with an electrician are not to be underestimated. Manifestation of carelessness during work can lead to serious consequences such as burns, lighting, injury. The electric tools and safety devices we offer guarantee you quality of work and safety.

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