Operating System:OSX 10.5.4 Leopard Server
Remote Administration:SSH, Multi User VNC

Multi User VNC

Unfortunately OSX is not providing any native means of remote desktop which would support multiple users. The solution used on this server is utilizing multiple per-user VNC servers. It works fine and users are not interfere with each other, but the special login procedure is required:

  • Connect to system wide VNC server and login to your account. The system wide VNC server is always running on port 5900.
  • Switch to login window (just click on your user name in right-top corner of the screen and select login window) and close system wide VNC session.
  • Open session to your personal VNC server (the administrator will assign port number while creating user for you)


Administrator Account:localadmin-
Suren Chilingaryan:csa5902
Test Account:test5903
Andreas Kopmann:kopmann5904
Armen Beglarian:armen5905
Torsten Hopp:usct5906


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