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Traffic Control Systems Designed by Capitol Barricade

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Flowing traffic safely through, around, or away from a work site or special event requires the use of specialized equipment. Companies like Capitol Barricade of Sacramento specialize in designing, producing, renting, and selling traffic control equipment to contractors and the general public. Whether needs temporary or permanent signage, they can find what they need or have it created by the company without a long waiting period or exorbitant pricing. and commercial companies often require temporary traffic control signs that can be easily set up and removed without the need for permanent mounting. These signs typically involve identifying road closures, stopped traffic, narrow lanes, speed limit reductions, and road construction. Designed with , reflective colors on a durable canvas material, the signs come with collapsible stands that make them easy to transport and set up with minimal tools.

Sometimes the use of traffic cones is not enough to efficiently block or conduct the flow of vehicles. Large, portable barricades for traffic control present a better option since they are highly visible and create a more obstructive barrier. Typically painted with reflective stripes and built of rust-resistant materials, the barricades can sit outside in all forms of weather and be easily moved or hooked together.

Some road construction sites require signage that designates a specific activity not found on regulatory . Fortunately, companies like Capitol Barricade use a CNC router to produce custom shapes, lettering, and icons for any unique sign requirements a customer may have. The addition of attention-grabbing colors will help alert drivers that they are about to encounter work of distinct nature and to remain on high alert.

Most special events require marking off designated areas for activities and controlling traffic to the site. Since special events don't establish a permanent location, traffic control rental equipment is beneficial to the organizers. Items like traffic cones, traffic control signs, and movable barricades show guests where they are allowed and which areas to stay out of. All equipment can be rented at an affordable cost for several days at a time, allowing people to pick up and return at their leisure without feeling rushed.

Traffic control doesn't just involve posted signage. Large stencils help construction sites and commercial businesses paint areas onto the pavement where traffic should turn, stop, slow, or yield. In many cases, the stencils can be rented from a traffic control manufacturer so that the customer isn't shelling out a ton of money for something they may only use once or twice.

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