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Leather belts are definitely a product with a very large number of users, If you do not know how to take care of them, then after a period of use, high-grade leather belts will lose their aesthetic appeal. it's because of scratches, folds, peeling... and once it's caught, it's very difficult to fix. You struggle to find a lock repair point and as well as how to help repair them at home, if you don't know how to fix it, you may have to give up your rope. So what are the effective tips for fixing belts and crocodile skin, the causes of damaged leather, how to properly preserve the leather strap? Check out Thuybich's post below!

HIGHLIGHTS OF crocodile skin that every guy SHOULD KNOW

Crocodile skin is a material that has many outstanding advantages compared to other types, high breathability, no static electricity, good insulation with a pretty solid scale, the greater the friction, the smoother the skin. Another feature of this leather is that a product is unique, you cannot find two products with the same pattern. The aesthetics are also higher, thanks to those advantages that crocodile skin is always popular.

If you want to learn more about this type of leather and more specific instructions on how to use leather belts, you can refer to another article by Thuybich.

So soon Thuy Bich will introduce tips to fix this type of men's belt, you often save it right away. But please note that depending on the case and the severity of the damage, the effect is yes or no and the effectiveness is not the same.


Whether it is expensive or cheap, good maintenance always helps the product have the longest life. So does alligator leather belts, here are some simple ways to help you repair your belt yourself, which everyone can apply at home with simple items.


Do not wear together when sleeping, do not wash with the washing machine.

When the rope is wet, let the leather dry naturally, do not use a dryer to expose the skin to heat, it will cause the leather to warp.

If the belt has not been used for a long time, the box should be carefully preserved, adding a desiccant bag or newspaper to prevent the leather from being hooked. As for the rope used regularly, it must not be curled, but must be hung vertically.

To keep the belts bought for a long time "like new", people can use a wet cloth to wipe it first, wait for about 2-3 minutes for the belt to dry, then use shoe polish to polish it again.


How to fix a hooked belt:

-Use egg white to beat it up, then wipe it directly on the skin, let it dry and wipe it with water

  • Thinly sliced ​​potatoes rub on the hook, using the right force.

-Use sandpaper and polish to polish, then use polish of the same color as the belt to cover the hook.


With badly damaged belts that cannot be repaired at home. You need to take it to reputable places to heal. You are struggling to know where to trust trees with affordable prices. Thuy Bich harness factory is a belt shop, a place worth sending your belt.

With a team of skilled belt repairmen, you can be completely confident when bringing to Thuy Bich damaged products that need to be repaired including men's wallet belts, backpacks ....

The shop also sells cheap belt clipping tools for home leather belts to punch holes. Selling men's belts, wallets...

In addition, the shop also accepts wholesale and retail distribution nationwide with the most competitive prices in the market. If you need to find something to buy, don't hesitate to call the shop.


The first thing you need to remember is to never punch a belt hole yourself. Each belt should only have 5 holes, if it doesn't fit, you should cut it short instead of punching more holes. A harness with too many holes looks very unsightly.

If you really need to punch holes in the harness, you can invest in a wire hole puncher or a cheap harness repair product.

Hang the harness vertically in a well-ventilated area. We often have a habit of curling the belt neatly or not removing it from the pants, and this leads to you having to change a new belt.

Let the skin dry naturally, do not expose it to the harsh sunlight, so the skin will be dry, brittle, curved, and deformed.

Do not leave the leather belt close to the floor, in a humid place, the moisture of the floor will make the leather quickly hooked, the sewing thread will quickly rot.

1-2 times per year cleaning the belt with colorless shoe polish will make the belt more durable and shiny, looking like new.

Apply a preservative so that the skin does not harden. If the cord has a warranty, take it to the store for the best effect.

Do not wear a belt while sleeping. This is a very bad habit that not only damages the rope but also affects your waist a lot, at worst it can lead to disease.

When not in use, put newspaper and desiccant bags inside the product, repair it yourself, and store the harness in a cool place.

Do not store the belt in a plastic bag, the plastic will stick to the skin and damage the belt. Stuff in shredded paper or an old t-shirt to keep it in shape. Store the cord in a carrying case or pillowcase.

To repair, do not take it to a dry cleaner, but take it to a shop to find a belt repairman to do it. theseA common tool that every harness repairman has is a wire hole puncher.


Currently on the market use a lot of dead crocodile skin products, dead animals, very poor quality leather that does not eat dye. Therefore, product quality is not guaranteed. Looking at the product can see very poor quality and peeling, forced to spray paint and spray PE to preserve. Therefore, after a short time of use, the spray paint layer will be peeled off, the skin surface will become rough and ugly.

The fastest way to identify it is that you just need to use your hand to rub it hard on the skin, if you see a thin layer of skin, it will be sprayed with paint, otherwise it will leave a faint scratch. And you just need strong friction on the pants and it will return to the way it was.


On the market today, there are many places that sell crocodile belts. Fake goods are mixed to deceive buyers, fake goods but bought at sky-high prices. To choose to buy a good leather belt, you should note the following ways to avoid losing money unjustly!

Where to buy: Buy from reputable brands or big shops, here, the quality of the goods will be guaranteed. If you are afraid of the cost, you should consult online or relatives in small shops and see which shop is reputable first.

Product cost: Normally, for a men's and women's belt made of crocodile skin, the price is from 600,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND. If the price is too low, only a few tens of thousands of 200,000 VND - 300.00 VND, you should consider it because it may be imitation leather or embossed cowhide.

Based on the nature of crocodile skin: Genuine crocodile leather has softness and good elasticity, while imitation leather, although shiny on the outside, will feel hard to the touch. Crocodile skin is divided into 2 main types of veins: prickly skin and smooth skin (belly skin).


When deciding to choose an automatic buckle men's belt to combine with trousers, the first thing is to choose the size and align the length accordingly. Thuy Bich will guide you in detail on how to adjust the belt length in detail with an automatic buckle for the most comfortable and beautiful wearing.

Using a screwdriver (or metal plate) with a flat head, open the clamp to hold the automatic lock

Pull the waistband out of the buckle

Measure the belt to the waist, adjust the appropriate length and mark the length you want to cut. Use scissors to cut off the excess.

Put the belt back on the buckle, remember to wear it front and back. Press firmly on the clamp with your hand. Try pulling the rope by hand to see if it's secure.

Note that only shortening the length of the belt is done in case the body is too long and not suitable for the user. If the men's belt is too short, you should buy a longer cord and proceed to change it.


  1. Due to improper storage

People often have a habit when taking off their pants, they still have the belt on the disc of the pants, this has directly affected the form of the belt. There are folds at that time, even if your belt is a genuine leather belt, sooner or later it will still be damaged because of too strong impact. Or worse, the belt being carried to the bed. The weight of the body on it will cause the belt to quickly fold and potentially affect health.


Habit when returning home after a long day of work, you throw away your belt indiscriminately and then step on them. Even if it's real leather, it will break and fold. being pressed by other heavy objects, causing damage to the belt. You will have to part with your belt in a very short time.


Men are often the ones who don't pay too much attention to small details, such as before washing clothes, not checking if there is anything in the bag. That's why they often forget their belts and wallets in their pockets.

The known consequences were that belts and wallets had to be thrown away and papers were no longer available. Mistakes you think will never happen, but actually a lot of guys have made them. Do not allow problems that are difficult to repair if users make them.

For any leather item, do not leave it in wet places, in direct contact with water and sweat, the wire will be rotten and moldy. If it gets wet tomorrow, let it dry naturally and don't apply heat if you don't want the skin to crack, have stretch marks.


The characteristic of leather goods that everyone needs to know is that when exposed to high temperatures, the skin will peel, become brittle, and crack. The structural layer in the skin is broken. So avoid them being exposed to high temperatures such as intense sunlight, or dryer heat, etc.

First, it is necessary to know the causes of broken belts to have the best way to repair the belt and preserve it properly.



Hanging properly is not about rolling it up or keeping it in one place. It is to hook the end of the buckle to the hanger part and straighten the belt vertically down. Should be hung in a cool place.

Doing this properly will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.


Do not thinkthat you can't see the stains means your belt is not dirty, It accompanies you on every path, then surely the dirt will never let go of them.

Use to wipe gently, in case they encounter rain, you need to use a dry towel to wipe off rainwater stains and hang them in a cool place.


Whether it's a belt or any other item, it needs to be maintained periodically to increase the life of the product. You should invest in specialized leather for cleaning belts and other products once a month.

If you don't have wax, the following foods also help in easy maintenance: rub a ripe banana peel on the surface of the leather, then wipe it with a dry towel, use a potato to rub just enough force to help clean the leather. and increase moisture for leather goods..


When not in use for a long time, it must be stored carefully. If you leave it outside, the hot and dry weather, or the hot season will be the cause for you to say goodbye to your back regretfully.

Crawl into the box, put desiccant bags or newspaper, remember to roll in the correct direction and then put in the box. Store the box in a cool place, so that when you open it, your belt is still like new.


In addition to preserving the belt. The locking head also needs to be used and maintained properly to prolong the life of the product. Please note the following notes to preserve your keycaps.

+ Before putting the rope into the lock: should hold the lock fixed first, then put the thread through the zipper. Keep the buckle in place until the strap fits around your waist, then release the buckle.

+ When finished using, also perform the above action: hold the lock by hand - draw the cord - release the lock.

If you do not follow such a rule, the buckle will definitely break the inner spring. If damaged, go to a reputable harness repair place.

So we just went through the list of where to fix belts. Tools used to press belts, how to fix belts, how to punch holes in leather belts at home. Hope the above sharing will be useful information for you.

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