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I was in an enemy camp and didn't have internet access for my presentation, or how I solved the issue.

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This was my personal greatest and most embarrassing failure during an official trip. We were heading south to meet with the oil tycoon of the Middle Eastern Region. There were several stages to the presentation and I was given one because I was actively involved in the project. It was my chance to prove to my manager that I'm up for the top of the league and play with the top girls. Although I know it could be a little offensive, no, I was talking about adult girls or more accurately, business women.

It went as planned. I was informed that the job was mine and that it would be at the underground bunker. This is because I was responsible digital security for in the panic room of a wealthy local business man. Names and tituls will not be revealed in this story. I do not want anyone to be able to judge me or even recognize my writing exercises. The whole purpose of the demonstration was to evoke a chain of real life incidents that would cause this businessman to retreat to his home with family members and an army of security personnel. I initially planned to present the demonstration and show how to manage such forces without losing one's mind.

We all went underground into the darkened space. It was kept dark because of the large amount of weaponry which is located within its walls. This was quite a frightening scenario we were in. Let's get on with it. I'm creating the powerpoint template for the presentation. You don't know what? You don't have internet here? Is that really true? The lockdown has been initiated, and it's impossible to break out of the lockdown and retrieve the email containing your presentation. I'm not doing this for the first time. I was online on Youtube to convert mp3 and, in addition to copying the audio from the presentation video to enhance my memory of reading it on paper, I downloaded the video in mp4 format. I accidentally downloaded it in order to discover a better audio format. However, I have the exact presentation on my computer and I need it.

I was fortunate. Unforeseen events made it impossible to connect to the Internet. But I was able to save the presentation and continue it with audio and video from me. It was because I was familiar with most of the. It was a short 3 minute speech, it conveyed layers of security and confidence and confidence, to the point that we've ended up signing 47 new clients of greater calibre, which will bring contracts that amount to hundreds of thousands. We're planning to continue working with them in the near future.

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