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Looking for the Best Engagement Rings—Scottsdale, AZ

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COVID-19 has changed many things but it hasn’t stopped love. Couples are still making plans for spending the rest of their lives together. Engagement rings are an age-old sign of the couples’ early commitment to each other. E.D. Marshall Jewelers has been assisting couples, young and old, in their quest for the perfect ring for over 50 years and will be happy to assist you as you begin your journey together.

Today, couples looking forward to becoming engaged will likely spend quite a bit of time looking at pictures of rings before heading to a store. Staying home and working on an issue has become the norm since COVID-19. This is quite a different way to search for a ring compared to how their parents looked for their beloved engagement rings. Luckily, finding ideas for engagement rings is easy. Magazines, websites, and social media have a multitude of pictures of exquisite rings making it easy for a person to find many ideas to help imagine the perfect engagement ring.

Naturally you will be wondering where to find the best engagement rings in Scottsdale, AZ. One look at the website of E.D. Marshall Jewelers will show you the many fine options we offer. Our store has Arizona’s largest selection of GIA certified diamonds. For many couples the best option is to custom design the perfect one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Our design consultants and master jewelers can help create the design you are dreaming of.

Start a Wish List As you are looking through the many options with your partner start a wish list. What are they most excited about as you are going through pictures of rings? Are there a certain few rings they return to over and over? It is important to make a trip to a jewelry store to see how different styles look on their hand as not every style will look good on every hand. This step really should not be skipped so that the final choice of ring will be perfect on their finger. You want the ring to be something they are excited to wear partly because it looks so good. It is important to know which styles you want to avoid so that the wish list will become relatively short. If you have too many options it will be more difficult to find the best engagement rings in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Shape of the Center Stone The shape of the center stone many times determines the style of the ring. Traditional engagement rings feature a diamond as the center stone but this rule has been broken. Since the wife of Prince Edward started the colored engagement ring trend royals and celebrities have opted for many different gem stones from ruby rings to various sapphire stones. When strongly considering a gem stone other than a diamond the partner should try on a ring with that stone as the center stone so that they can decide if they like the color of that stone on their hand. Some skin tones will not look good with some gem stone colors. It is important to keep in mind that the ring will be worn every day with many different outfits from casual to formal. If a gemstone other than a diamond is chosen be sure that both members of the couple agree. You don’t want a disagreement that will last a lifetime.

Not sure what your partner likes What to do if you are unsure as to what your partner likes can feel like a major problem that can’t be solved. Don’t fret! A solution to this problem is to have the ring-giving partner choose the center diamond or other gemstone. Have it set in a classic solitaire setting for presentation at the proposal. Later the ring-recipient partner can return to E. D. Marshall Jewelers to make a ring using the stone that they absolutely love. We never fail to make the finest engagement rings in Scottsdale, AZ.

A marriage proposal is one of life’s most cherished moments. Everything about becoming engaged should be fun and exciting. E. D. Marshall Jewelers is here to help make finding (or creating) the best engagement ring easy. For more information, visit. ​

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